Secure Shopping



Here at Ladypool Cycles, we adhere to all online selling regulations to make sure we trade in a legal, honest way to keep you, the customer, happy at all times.


Payment Process

We take data security very seriously. That's why we prefer not to handle any credit card details ourselves but instead use the payment service provider World Pay for online credit card handling, and PayPal for taking PayPal account checkouts, and for handling your card details.


World Pay - Worldpay is one of the world’s leading online payment processing companies in the world, it provides a very high level of card security and risk of fraud to cardholder and to merchant.


When you place your order on the Ladypool Cycles website, you will be directed to a 100% Secure WorldPay payment page to enter  your card details depending on your card type you will be asked to complete the 3d Secure authentication is an additional fraud prevention scheme it allows extra security on transactions that are processed online. Now your payment will be processed by WorldPay to check the card information provided matches with your bank or card provider.

Visa and Mastercard now offer greater security when buying online with Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. If you haven't done so already, you will be able to register your card with a password. Any future purchases online will then require this password.


This gives you an additional layer of security, because if someone obtains your card details they will not be able to make purchases with it as they will not have access to your password. You may have the option to skip this step. If this page is skipped, we will be alerted to this when we receive the order and we will contact you to make sure it was you who placed the order.


Worldpay handles 26 millions of transactions per day for some of the largest and most highly respected online shops in the world, so you can be rest assured that the sensitive information you provide is not to be seen by any third party.


We perform our own security checks as part of our dedication to a completely safe shopping experience. Once these security checks are completed, your order is processed and despatched to you. We will keep you informed throughout the transaction process and inform you within 24hours if an item is not in stock or is due back in stock.





You can also pay using PayPal, This means your payment will be made instantly and is totally secure, as this takes place on the PayPal secure server.

When placing an order with PayPal, we do not have access to any of your card details, and the transaction is processed securely on the PayPal servers, which handles multi million transactions a day. By using this system, ourselves or any other third parties will not have access to any of your credit card details.


Need More Help?

If you require any more assistance, or help understanding what security measures we take to make sure you as a customer are safe, and ourselves as a retailer are safe, please get in touch