Cyclotricity Stealth 500w 15Ah Electric E-Bike

Cyclotricity Stealth 500w 15Ah Electric E-Bike
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Cyclotrcity Stealth 500w Electric Bike

Looking for a road legal e-bike but with an occasional boost of power?

If you are looking for more power than the average electric bike but worried about the legalities of such choice, the Stealth 500W is one of rare choices to consider. Our unique dual power system integrated in this e-bike allows the user to swap between two modes depending on whether you are on-road or off-road, enabling you to unlock the full power where it is safe and legal to do so.

The UK/EU regulations dictate that an e-bike must not exceed the rated power of 250W to be road-legal. Which is not great news for the thrill-seekers, power hungry among us who want to have the occasional fun off-road yet still be able to ride sensibly and legally on-road. A purchase of the common high powered electric bike will come with its legal implications. On the other hand, the practicality of a road-legal e-bike means giving up the extra power/speed one could enjoy off-road. So which do you choose?

CycloTricity had set out to resolve this dilemma and introduced the first electric bike range that combine both configurations!
The bike will come preset to the road-legal mode of 250W by default. The dual-mode system is embedded in the LCD Dashboard which can unlock the full power of the system using a special code (this can be obtained upon signing the de-restriction terms of use).
Please note that this is not the same as a de-restriction switch which has been questionable from a legal standpoint.

The Stealth 500W is made for you who primarily intend on using the bike on-road, but looking to add the extra power for some occasional off-road riding.


  • 500W brushless and gearless rear hub motor (comes restricted to the UK/EU regulation of 250W power and 25km/h speed by default. Reaches up to 32km/h once de-restricted to the 500W mode.)
  • LCD dashboard showing power output, Speed, Time, journey Distance etc and ability to control the de-restriction settings.
  • Thumb throttle (optional extra: please contact us for more info)
  • 5 levels of pedal assist modes
  • Fitted with disc-brakes. Electric brake levers cut the power when applied.
  • 36V/15Ah Lithium-ion battery upgrade (35-45 miles range between charges depending on terrain, weight of cyclists, frequent use of PAS, frequency of stops/starts, air pressure in tyres etc. Based on 250W restriction mode. Range could drop down to 25miles once de-restricted to full power)
  • USB compatibility. Plug your USB device (such as smart phone) into the battery and charge it while cycling!
  • Charger: UK plug charger with LED indicating level of charge (battery should be fully charged within 5 hours)
  • Frame size: 17″ or 20″ Alloy 6061 frame
  • Suspension: SR Suntour Alloy
  • Gears: 7 speed Shimano derailleur
  • Rims: 26″ Alloy double walled
  • Saddle: PVC leather
  • Bell: Included
  • 1 year warranty (extended warranty available as an option)
  • Total weight of e-Bike including battery: 24kg

These bikes come restricted to 250W and 15.5mph by default for legal reasons. That said, the system is capable of much higher power and speeds should you wish to de-restrict the bike for off-road use. These are the only mainstream bikes currently available on the market with such an aggressive power output designed for maximum thrill where it is safe and legal to use.
Note: the de-restriction codes are kept for countries where it is legal to use such power on-road. For consumers within the EU, these codes will only be disclosed once the de-restriction terms of use has been signed. The terms of use can be obtained.

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