Bicycle Repairs & Servicing

Bicycle Repairs & Servicing


We at Ladypool Cycles endeavour to give you the best possible and most appropriate service you need, at a price you appreciate and competative. The shop is run by a full-time Cythech Qualified bicycle riding mechanics and so you can be assured that the quality of work we do to your bicycle will be unparalleled. We will treat your bike like we do our own.



All of our work is guaranteed for parts and labour, for a period of 3 months.  The wear and tear is down to you!


Bicycle Servicing



Our first type of service is our Safety Check.  Like an MOT for your bicycle, what we do is a full evaluation of your bike to make sure that all the bolts are tight, the tyres are within proper wear limits and the bike is safe to ride on the road.  We do not do any adjustment work on this service, nor fitting of parts but we will make sure your brakes are working and your bike is in good roadworthy condition

Secondly we have our Light Service.  This covers the safety check items and also adds in adjustment of the brakes, pads, gears and headset.  We also include fitting of smaller items such as pads, chains, tyres will be covered by this service.  The light service is designed to give your bike a little tweak and to make sure you are riding happy. We will also give your bike a wipe down and general clean.

The Main Service is our most popular work and is when our mechanics get down to serious business.  We will check all the bearings on your bike, true both front and back wheels, adjust all controls of the bike, give your drive train a full de-grease / re-grease and service.  We fit any parts that you may need / want changing.  The main service is to make sure your bike is in good healthy order and has been set up and serviced to get optimum performance.

£15.00 £30.00 £50.00
Any parts required are at additional cost to the above prices.


To Book your Bicycle for a Service please contact us, please provide us a day which suits you and we contact you to confirm your booking.


Bicycle Repairs


Job Price
Puncture repair, replace tube £6.00
New Tyre Fitting £6.00
Gear re-indexing £12.00
Fit new chain and cassette Includes Gears Indexing £15.00
Fit new chain £5.00
Brakes Setup & Adjustment (not hydrulic disc) £12.00
Fit New Pads £3.50
Hydrulic Brake Bleed £15.00 per brake
New Hose or Shorten £10.00 - £20.00
Fit new bottom bracket (somes bikes may require chase & face) £10.00 - £20.00
Fit new Headset (some bikes may require HT Facing) £10.00 - £15.00
Wheel Truing (price varys with/without tyre) £7.50 - £12.50
Wheel Build (new rim or hub) £25.00
New Wheel (change over tyre, tube and cassette) FREE
Hub Service (Standard) £7.50
Sturmery Archer Hub Service £25.00
Any parts required are at additional cost to the above prices. All prices inculde VAT at 20%


Accessories Fitting

We do not charge to fit most Accessories you purchase from our store, but there are a few products that we charge to fit due to the time it takes to fit.


Bar Tape Wrapping £3.00        
Full Length Mudguards £5.00
Panner Rack £5.00
New Handlebars £7.50
Fitting Lights, Locks, Saddles, Pedals, Bell FREE